The Global Compliance Consultancy Group (GCCG®) provides cost-effective and practical compliance advisory and related services to investment banks/capital markets firms, global institutional/wholesale brokerages, investment advisers/asset managers, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity firms and wealth management/private client service firms. By working closely yet independently with senior management and staff, we objectively apply a practical perspective to compliance issues in the UK/EU, U.S., Canada, South America and Asia. This, in turn, uniquely positions us to help firms with international operations meet their respective local (and, for forward-looking firms, global) regulatory requirements. Indeed, GCCG’s reach on both sides of the Pond allows it to leverage its highly credentialed combined backgrounds, experience and skills to successfully assist firms to keep “ahead of the curve” in an increasingly demanding and stringent international oversight environment and generally manage/control for regulatory risk.

To properly scale and efficiently apply the minimum resources needed to successfully complete an engagement, we strategically access a network of U.S. and international consultancies headed by former Senior Compliance and in-house Legal Officers at: Lehman Bros., Morgan Stanley Investment Management, JPMorgan Asset Management, Highbridge Capital Management, Mitchell Hutchins, Bear Stearns Asset Management, Allianz Global Investors, Nomura, Credit Suisse First Boston, Paribas North America (France & U.S.) and UBS/Warburg Dillon Read, among others.

In the end, GCCG primary differentiation point is its proven ability to not merely recite the rules but draw on the min. 15-20+ years “in the seat” expertise of our senior staff to help assure full compliance. By making recommendations on how best to meet applicable new or developing mandates in such a way as to “fit” the firm’s culture/regulatory risk appetite, we can help craft a “tailored” and blended compliance and automated system solution comprehensive in scope and effective in implementation.


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